Frogs and Snails

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:15 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Much to my husband’s amusement (going by his facebook post declaring that is wife had finally gone bonkers), I spend a lovely half hour this evening wandering around the garden stomping on snails that were crawling across the lawn.


My war on the snails started on Sunday when I was clearing out the compost bins. I filled an entire 2 litre milk bottle with them and tiger slugs. The rest purely happened by chance, and a frog. Long story short, we now have two frogs, and suspect there may be a third one lurking. While I was looking for said frogs, I found snails. Lot’s and lots of them. In fact I was horrified and amazed that anything has actually survived in our garden. There were patches of 20 in some places. The gardens are relatively safe, as I have had to opt for snail pellets due to the wet weather and the multitude of hiding places. These ones, were not in the garden, but all over the lawn. I honestly think I have stomped on 200 snails in the last two nights. I have told hubby that the kids can stay up on Friday until it is dark, and we can take a hot chocolate out, and go on a snail stomp. They are either going to think their mother is ‘bonkers’ or enjoy themselves.

Now as for the slugs that were predominantly over the compost bins, I am not sure how to handle them. I was positively grossed out by the share amount. I am okay picking one or two up here or there, but nope. This is out of my comfort zone. So much so, that I am thinking of gloving up the boys, and paying them.

Pic – shows Connor watering his new seedlings late this afternoon. So far everything is looking good. 

Frogs and Snails