From the ground up

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:02 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

As with a house a strong foundation is extremely important so is your soil , growing food takes its toll as fruits and veges are heavy feeders , which is why for the most part the tunnel house has had winter off , the soil was not holding moisture like it should so I am turning the whole thing into a no dig zone . 

first I layered wet paper followered by grass clippings , coffee grounds ash from the fire and I scored 20 odd bales off lucerne for the top layer and watered every couple of days , I now have life and moisture back and I could not be happier, although there still loads to do it's the best method I have found that isn't overly intensive on the body . 

so I pulled back the lucerne added sheep pellets , milk powder and lime in went the first of my tomatoes, cucumbers , peas and a capsicum these were bought yesterday as seedlings . I watered in and sprinkled some slug pellets , oh and planted my toms deep only the top 2 sets of leaves out , this will increase roots for stronger plants . 

Seeds that have germinated so far 

gherkins , cucumbers , zinnias , cosmos , cornflowers , broccoli, lettuce , 


loving the season so far . 

oh and I weed sprayed the Flexi tunnel which was high priority before the tuber roses pop though . 

From the ground up