Fruit trees

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:12 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

We have around 200 fruit trees over winter everything but the apple trees got a good hard prune , and a mulch of bark and feed of blood and bone over winter , because the irrigation was no longer right for the size of the trees we have gone with mulch when it was the wettest to hold onto that moisture, again I missed the opportunity to spray for leaf curl using a copper spray as it needed to be done before leaf form or leaf drop will happen . 
I have been pruning to take them up a bit more in the orchard trying to take away sheep steps for lack of a better word , 

The walnuts my dad planted and wanted to live long enough to walk under the canopy , he made it just , currently there are Xmas lilies popping up underneath and I missed my spray window here to so picking will be interesting this season , but because of the size of the trees and that they give off turpentine it's time to change tacked a bit here . 
we have cherries Stella variety, 9 types of apples , black boy peaches , nectarines, golden queen peaches , feijoas , 3 apricots several different plums a pear tree 2 lemons an orange they grow around our water tank to keep safe from frost and a manderine that's against the house , I for sure want more citrus one day but have learnt the hard way that without protection I may as well burn my efforts . 
we have 2 loquats that do well under the protection of a pittosporum hedge . 

We also have a quince which is probably my fav blossom , I have to say though that the wee crap apple is gorgeous to . 

The orchard has mullin invading that is the Bain of my life , we joke if there's a toilet paper shortage we're sorted with it's nice soft leaves and apparently it has great lung healing properties but for the most part it's just annoying. 

Im feeling better but not 100% yet but I did manage to get some much needed weeds spraying done , and changed my house plants back from winter positions to the window plus gave them all a good soak and feed . 
pic is the apples in our drive way , excuse the state of the lawns 

Fruit trees