Garlics last Chance

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:29 May 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

It's been a while. Covid came to our house, it's colder outside, the weather is turning - but hey, life goes on and so does the garden. I've been sowing seeds for winter vegies - peas, broad beans, onions, lettuce and silverbeet. Most have been planted out in the vegie patch and the rest will be in the next few weeks before the serious cold weather hits.

When we first moved here we planted a serious amount of garlic. I love garlic and use it in my cooking at least four times a week. Have you seen the price of it in the shops?! The first year we were here it got hit by rust..... gutted. The second year we tried again .... rust. Also hit my chives, onions and leeks. Last year we decided against the garlic but persevered with onions, chives and leeks spraying them with Neem oil every couple of weeks. Success!! So we are giving the garlic one more chance. Oh I hope it works. The Super Husband has promised to be out there with the Neem Oil every half hour if that's what it takes!!

Also this weekend planted out Broad Beans, peas, transplanted my strawberry patch and divided my hosta's in the flower border. The weather was cool but the days sunny and great for gardening.  

Garlics last Chance