Gem Squash has found room to grow.


Date:15 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

The gem squash was planted on the fence to grow vertically. It has found the top and is making a run for freedom.  There seems to be a good many fruit forming, so will be enjoying these soon now. 

Parsley is prolific, and a few of the older ones are going to seed. This I will leave as self sown parsley always grows well. 

I have left a beetroot to go to seed to. Will try these in late summer. 

Tomatoes are taking there time ripening and the peppers are multiplying their fruit set every day. I have had to this the fruit on a few and added a good many stakes as support. 

Corn is in flower and the cobs are forming. I give them a shake every time I pass by. Most seem to be getting 2 per plant, last year I got only 1. Same seeds, so a beter year so far. It looks like the single plants are doing beter than the multi sow ones. I was hoping the multi sow would do well, but not for me 🤔. 

This warm and rain is doing the garden good at the moment and all seems happy (touch wood) 

 Gem Squash has found room to grow.