Glad for thinking ahead

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:01 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Gardening is all about planning from seeds and soil all the way to harvest . 

getting the temp right for seeds to germinate to the moisture levels to get to harvest and all the food / fert requirements. 

One day I would love to be able to take flowers to market all year round and I'm constantly expanding what I grow , the hellerbours I potted up earlier in the season were part of that plan . 

Protection from animals and bugs are another big part , yesterday I planted some cucumbers , toms and a pepper I nearly forgot to put the snail bait around , it was lucky I someone picking some of Jamison's clothes up that I remembered because when I headed out this morning there were 14 dead snails . 

I took some larkspur and perennial sweet peas to market among other things , and the boys had a great time pretending to ride the mower ( no keys of course ) 


Plus a pic of jamos snack box's pic all from the garden .

Festive plans have begun with these wee floral baubles I think they are so cute .

Glad for thinking ahead