Grannies in my Garden

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:27 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

Old-fashioned flowers are my fave.

One of my favourite faves is aquilegia aka "Granny Bonnets".

They have the most delightful little heads that bob about in the breeze, they come in a delicious range of gentle colours and they have lovely ferny foliage which looks so nice in the flower garden.

I'm sure I have posted about this before but they also have a very naughty side to them for something that looks so pure and proper. They have a pretty wild sex life! Apparently aquilegia love to cross pollinate with every other aquilegia in the garden and produce new little specimens each year.

To be honest I have never witnessed the "goings-on" in my garden, but being Grannies they probably know how to be a little discreet with their extra-curricular activities!

This year I bought and sowed seed to ensure I had an abundance of these beauties and I have them in my rose garden, my flower border and at the back of the vegetable garden.

These photo's are of just a few of my girls... all plotting quietly to get out on the town I'm sure!!


Grannies in my Garden