Happy sheep

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:29 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

It was time to pull out some silverbeet to make way for cucumbers , since we have so much the sheep got this lot , I find it's one of the things we always have plenty of , a couple of years back I let one get to viable seed stage pulled it out and hung it upside done in the tunnel house , I just give it a shake every now and then and we have loads of seedlings to transfer around the place . 

Im battling a headache today which is absolutely slowing me down but it is what it is , I'm drinking loads of water it's bound to help . 
We harvested to first of the worm wees from the worm farm , which this early on is just juice from everything in there but I'm ok with that , some went on the capsicums some on the pumpkins and there's enough for the cucumbers I need to plant . 

I let coriander self seed to and there's plenty of it in different stages I think the flowers teamed with the poppies are beautiful.

Happy sheep