Harvest time.


Date:28 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

Silver beet for the neighbours. I had way too many silver beet plants for the amount of it we eat, so 2 big plants came out and was gifted out. 2 more will need to come out soon as the space is needed. There is a more large plant that will soon be over run by tomato, early boy, a determinate tomato. This will leave a row of newer plants in another bed. Soon they will be supplying way too much again, so no worries about running out, and the successions have worked out perfectly for once.

Leek came out today and made way for carrots. These you can see in my Carrots-Update. I was reading an article during the week on grilled cheese-the one ingredient to add that all foodies agree on... Well, normally it is garlic, yo which I am allergic, but for sum reason I did scroll through it, and the ingredient was leek. So I gave it a try. Yes it was a good cheese taostie, amazing, well not what the article promised. Basicly thinly sliced leek is mixed into the grated cheese and the cheese cooks the leek as it melts. There is a nice subtle onion flavour that is pleasant. I would opt for a cheese, tomato and thicker cut red onion and good sprinkling of habanero salt and black pepper any day. 

 Harvest time.