Harvest Time

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:01 Apr 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

I know everyone has been hanging out to hear how our kumara went in the tyres this season... okay, maybe not but I'm about to tell you anyway!

As per my previous blog we decided to plant our kumara in tyres this year as a bit of an experiment.


8 tyres, 4 x 2 stacks placed in sunny part of the garden lined underneath with weed mat to stop the roots going too deep.

Filled with compost.

Planted with 3 healthy kumara slips per tyre stack in October after frosts.

Watered well to start with and then kept moist but not over watered right through until late March/early April.

Loved, admired, enjoyed, talked to, weeded occasionally, praised for their beauty over the five months of their growth.

Dug up on a sunny autumn day.....

20 kilo of fantastic looking kumara! What a reward, what a wonderful vegetable.

Harvest Time