Heavenly Hostas

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:17 Feb 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

Flowers are fantastic, bulbs are beautiful, roses are ravishing but hostas are absolutely heavenly. Here's why:

* they are gloriously green, and grey, and blue, and variegated

* they manage to look divine while still blending into the background and letting other plants enjoy the limelight

* hostas come back bigger and better every year with a minimum of fuss

* they love the shade where other plants will turn up their toes and beg for sunshine

* they grow equally well in pots or in the border as long as you give them heaps of moisture

* they last right through spring and summer into autumn. They might get a little chewed or battered if you forget to spray or water but somehow they still manage to look good. 

If you have a shady spot that is not too dry consider these shady ladies... they are so rewarding. When we moved four years ago I divided all of my hostas by half. I left half in the ground for the new owner of our old garden and potted up the rest to bring with us. They have flourished and performed for us from the very first year. 

The photo's are of some of our hosta's from our last and our current garden. Happiness is a heavenly Hosta.

Heavenly Hostas