Hedge trimming

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:04 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

Woohoo I finally got our tree lucerne hedge trimmed , it was important to me to get it done while it wasn't flowering as the bees absolutely love it , thank goodness for the big guys with their huge machines. 
I now have a huge mess to clean up that will add to the bin fire pile we light for my birthday every April . 

And now I can mow our front verge without getting scratched to bits . 

I started mowing another problem area and moved to the orchard to tackle the mullin before it sets seed but sadly I ran out of gas , seems I need to get a much bigger fuel container.

now it's time for lunch before I go play with the new weed whacker , I'm planning on tackling the area outside the she shed where we will put pavers down , I need hubby's help with this ideally before Xmas but that is coming up sooo fast it's likely to be in the new year .

Hedge trimming