Hello....I'm back with my little Garden

Gardener:Gardening with the Dillons

Date:07 Aug 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Hello all.

Lovely to see some familiar faces again! What a year I've had so far. I'm looking forward to joining you all once more in the fun and marvels that are gardening!! 

Big blue glasshouse still standing and looking pretty - over winter some chilli's finished their thing, and I have been growing salad greens and some herbs!! I have grand plans for growing in her this year, based of learnings of last year!! My little field mouse still lives there too - and me and him have got used to surprising one another! 

Yesterday was a bit of a prep day. Getting the soil ready and starting to think about what goes where, and what did and didn't work last year! Corn - the questionable one - do I grow it or concede 3yrs of fails means corn and my garden don't work? 

Garlic and Shallots are well under way! Carrots kept us in good supply over autumn/winter. Daffodils are out - the only ones that think its anything close to spring here in Wellington, where the weather has just been one storm after another! 

That was my quick update!! Really looking forward to following everyones journeys and learning from one another once more!!  I had a blast last year!!  

Heather :) 

Hello....I'm back with my little Garden