HELP! Carrot weed or self sown Carrot?????

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:05 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Quick Qu. My Landlord thinks I might be nurturing CARROT WEED not self sown carrots on one side of the vegetable plot - and yes I have been letting them flower and drop seed hoping for nice fat carrots and the pollinators have been enjoying the few that were flowering.

There are not many, just a few here and there.  Gorgeous flowers now I can see them enlarged on a bigger screen! SO pretty!

BUT is this carrot weed or an actual carrot????? Is there any difference in the flowers that I can tell??? I am going to be pulling weeds from each wee patch as I plant - I think that is the easiest way for me to cope with it all as physically I cant manage to weed and break up  soil all at once - but if this is an actual carrot I shall leave it be to drop seed and just plant around it


HELP! Carrot weed or self sown Carrot?????