Herbs, leafy greens and inter/under plantings.


Date:24 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Salad crops are a big part of my garden, from edible flowers to herbs and leafy greens. 

This group tends to be my filler plants. Inter planting them as companion plants, using them as living mulch to stop weeds and protect moisture in the shade of other crops. 

Silver beet gets its own spot. This is a veg that is not high on our list of favourites but it grows well and we use some of it. The neighbour appreciate most of it though.

Parsley is a staple and grows in various places to fill in corners and create diversity. It also self seeds and is often left just where it wants to grow. Triple curled is my wife's favourite and Italian gigante mine.

A large rosemary Bush give us the obvious herb, but also use the stalks as skewers.

Oragano spreads everywhere, but I trim to keep along the front of the raised beds, it also grows out the gaps in the walls of the bed wherever it can. The is a great ground cover and is strategically near the chillies and tomatoes.

Lettuce and basil grow in the shade of the tomatoes. I also grow lettuce in self watering pots made from water fountain bottles. These work a treat as they are water loving plants. Basil I grow a few types. Lemon, purple sweet genovese, Bush, emeral towers. These again near tomatoes and peppers. No growing these under chillies though, as they need to dry between watering, chillies grow best with a little water stress when in fruit and leafy greens and soft herbs don't. Oragano is OK here.

Viola, nasturtium, marigold, are my edible flowers and along with cosmos and alyssum are scattered around for bees, beneficial insects and sacrificial plants.

Lastly, celery grows here and there. 

Herbs, leafy greens and inter/under plantings.