Hi I am Jungle Jane

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:23 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

I feel like an absolute beginner, am autistic and gardening again for the first time in a very long time - Ive missed having a garden...

But NOW I have a wee cottage I rent and a garden plot attached - BUT I confess though I amaddicted to sowing seeds the ony thing that seems to be doing at all ok are the alliums. MOSTLt is MY PROBLEM I think - with the autismIstruggle with making decisions - what to grow - how to sow it - where to put it - etc. Sometimes there are so many'steps' that have to happen before something even gets CLOSE togetting in the ground that I get totally overloaded and overwhelmed and just put the packet of whatever I was so excited about right back in the box again. 

Like at the moment I have GRAPE CUTTINGS (Albany Surprise) needing to get ito some soil - they are budding, some are forming clusters already... - but I want some in pots to put out for sale or trade, I want some potted for me and a couple to go in the ground - but then I have too many unanswered questions and have no idea where to even start - like how big a pot, how deep do I plant them, can I grow them in planter bags, or buckets, do I just fill themwith soil and poke the cuttings in and hope they root??? SO the darn cuttings are still in a big jar of water in the studio not in the soil despite needing to be outside attracting pollinators and forming fruits. The down side of AUtism.

I want to do a mixed pottager withfood for the table and flowrs for the soul and pollinators/ hepful predators and maybe seling also so I can afford to buy seeds and plants etc

I would welcome anyone who would like to walk along side pf mein this journey , hopefully then things will get in the ground in some kind of sensible (or not haha) fashion so there is food at the end of the day 

SO here I am, joiningthe spring vege growing challenge, keen to get cracking and get something hapening despite the confusion

great starting point lol.

Hi I am Jungle Jane