Hope I've Done The Right Thing...

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:27 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Went out a couple of days ago and to my delight I found a brautiful Russel Lupin in a tiny pot for just under $3. Has been a stressful regret of mine not having grown some over winter with now finally having a garden.

Its going at the end of the red cabbages with either tomatoes,  cucumbers or beans on either side. I was hoping to be able to put tomatoes there but recently i read for companion planting not tp grow tomatoes with or where brassicas have been as they stunt their growth apparently. 😔

Thougt it would help it if I cut the flower spike off before planting out so it can concentrate on getting settled in and then more flowers. HOPE  I have done the right thing!

As i have only one plant, will resulting seed from this plant produce just the same lovely blue and white flower spikes? It is another new plant for me to try so I dont know the answer. 

used to love driving through the area down south where the riverbeds were full of these when I was in Dunedin, even though a pest plant they looked stunning en masse like that! But first time having one in the garden.

Hope I've Done The Right Thing...