Hopefully No Regrets


Date:06 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Well I've done it, I've planted almost everything out. Ideally I would have liked to wait until next weekend, but life is getting busier by the day so I woke up this morning and decided that's what I was going to do. So I did.

All the really sensitive and heat loving plants are in the tunnel houses (cucumbers, some tomatoes, and capsicums, with chillies yet to plant), which will all be fine, so I'm not at all concerned about them. I've had a few zucchini and kumi kumi in the outside gardens for a week now as a trial, even with overnight lows of 6 degrees they have been fine. I have spares of everything apart from cucumbers if I lose a few plants it's not going to be a biggy.

We plant our pumpkins in a paddock which we fence off from the sheep, that we add goodies into throughout the year (manures, old hay, baylage etc), and hubby lay some wool after shearing some sheep the last time he done that. I was so excited to see every part I dug to put the pumpkins in, lots of glorious worms!

Hopefully No Regrets