I'm Having Twins!!!

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:08 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

... haha... at 61 years old I think this would make international news, not just a Yates garden blog!

But I did discover some twins while I was watering this evening. These two little pumpkin babies are obviously very attached to each other. I haven't got the heart to try and seperate them and I am actually interested to see how the final fruit turns out - if they make it that far.

And in other news... the glorious, incredibly fragrant white sweet peas on our vegie garden arch were farewelled today. Our house is currently filled with the aroma of the last blooms, but they were really starting to die off and I want to have enough time to establish another climbing crop on that arch so unfortunately they had to go. They will, however, provide a nice nitrogen boost in our compost.

Northland Backyard Gardener - our home grown kumara are slowly but surely making some progress. I wouldn't say they are flourishing but they are still alive and have produced more leaves... hopefully we'll see some real action within the next few weeks as the weather really warms up.

One more blog in the challenge tomorrow, but I'm really hoping I will see much more of your gardens over the next few months.

Oh but for now - check out my twins!


I'm Having Twins!!!