Intercropping working!


Date:24 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Last blog was about the silver beet for my neighbour. 6am this morning the plant was cut out, delivered at 6.05am.


6pm and the space is Welcome to my world of carrots 😊. I always grow them together and multi sow spring onions in groups. This year I am trying toilet rolls so I can transplant carrots. You plant the whole roll so there is not tap root disturbance. The photo is pink as these are in my grow cupboard. 2 carrot seeds and 2 spring onions per roll, settling down. Violets are settling down, the tomato is relaxing into the gap the silver beet leaves used up. The timing could not have been better for the size of the tomatoes. 


This cage houses the early boy determinate tomato. 



 Intercropping working!