It's a cabbage country (not a courgette one)

Gardener:Ev in the South

Date:19 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

I have a good feeling about my summer cabbages. They have been a bit of a failure last year due to aphids and cabbage butterfly but this year's efforts with insect netting are paying off. I've interplaneted them with radishes and leek which has worked for radishes particularly well as they seem to enjoy the shade. The cabbages are just starting to form heads, although the Golden Acre (aka normal conformist cabbages) are doing a lot better than the purple or the savoys (both from fresh seed but bad strike rate). Its a mystery.

I've never lost courgettes to transplanting before, until this week. Lost 1 plant so no big deal, and I know why - it was a particularly sunny day after transplanting and I didnt shade it. The only problem is I had such trouble with seeds this year that I only have 2 courgette plants left. Now for 2 people 2 plants is enough, but I did enjoy the glut we got from 4 plants last year and the fact that even our neighbors got sick of them. We gave them out by kilos it was glorious.

So here is the question, is it too late to grow from seed now? I've got this new packet of Yates Dark Green that I'm itching to try. It says 49 days on it, which usually translates to about 80 cool Coastal Otago days :D I know from experience that it's way too late for pumpkins from seed around here, but courgettes are a lot faster aren't they? I think i might give one a try.

It's a cabbage country (not a courgette one)