Just a Little Longer

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:04 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

One of the joys, and one of the agonies, of gardening is the "fleetingness" of the beauty that our favourite plants offer us.

Spring flowers like daffodils, tulip and fruit tree blossom all only offer us a small stretch of enjoyment in exchange for a well fed and watered home to reproduce. 

Others - roses, annuals, perrenials give us a bit longer, maybe a couple of months each year of blessed bloom.

And of course our beloved vegetables give us not only beauty to fill ours souls but also something to fill our stomachs.

This is what I so love about having a garden... just like life, you need to make the most of each minute, each week, each season and savour what it has to offer.

This was a very deep and meaningful way of introducing our two flowering cherries which welcome visitors to our home and enthrall us for around 3 weeks every spring. They don't bloom for long, but they leave a lasting impression. Every year I wish they would last just a little longer.

Just a Little Longer