Just a Pipe Dream?

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:03 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Knowing that I was in for an early start this morning, I envisaged waking up to a glorious day of pottering in the garden. That is, after I sorted lunch for my oldest, and saw him off to Tauranga for Aims Games by 7am. With Father's Day activities postponed here for a week; cooking, cleaning and baking was done yesterday in preparation. If you are from Northland, you will understand when I say it was really just a pipe dream. The chances of no rain here, was very slim. 

After only just recovering from a cold and sinus infection, I was told by my hubby that I shouldn't to go outside (in my head I interpreted it more as a not yet perhaps?). Interestingly, I also suspect he was more worried about the lawn and me walking constantly over it. In reality, it has only just recovered from the last deluge, and with scaffolding guys and roofers walking around, one part is already looking a bit worse for wear so he probably had a point.

That being said - before I got told to delay my plans, I did manage to sneak into the garden and remove one of the cloches. I am shocking at not labelling things (much to my husband's annoyance as he is unsure what is what at times), and it took me a few moments to recollect what I had planted. The kids label well, after I reinforced the importance of it to them. I just don't necessary lead by example. These little gems are actually in fact Romanesco Cauliflower. I planted these back in the last holidays as seedlings. Normally I grow Snowball Cauliflower, and Sprouting Brocolli as I find they suit the climate up here better. As they can take a long time to grow, I find that cauliflower and brocolli can bolt with the heat before they have a chance to fully form up here. With the Sprouting Brocolli, or Tender Stems as they are sometimes know as, we find the produce much earlier and  we are picking 2 -3 times a week for 3-4 months.

There is something about how picturesque the Romanesco Cauliflower look. After resisting for a few years with the suspicions they too may bolt, I was eventually lured in. It has been a much colder, damper, wetter winter up here, so we may be lucky. Hopefully, these don't turn out to be just another pipe dream.

Just a Pipe Dream?