Keeping late spring/summer brassicas warm

Gardener:Ev in the South

Date:31 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

We had a very warm weekend for a change down South - it was humid and over 20c so very Northland like. The last of spring vegies went in, I may have forgotten about a few trays of late cauliflowers and napa cabbages. I hope they still work out and it won't be too hot for them. I sort of put them into a spare bed out the back, so if they fail its not a huge loss as they are not occupying prime real estate.

Spring/early summer brassicas planted earlier, seen in photo (kept warm by Ronnie the cat) are doing very well under the insect netting. So far no signs of bolting, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. In our climate we should be able to grow them into summer, but its the white butterflies that have ruined my plans in previous years.

Have realized last week that I hardly planted any flowers (40 odd sunflowers excluded) so have arranged some trays with gaillardias, marigolds and blueminks. Still trying to sprout this season's celery, its very hard going, any tips appreciated :)

Keeping late spring/summer brassicas warm