Keeping things on Track

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:28 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Often with gardening, I find myself celebrating that everything is 'done and dusted' one day, only to find myself inadvertently planning new things in my head. Consequently, a few days later I feel behind once again. It is a never-ending cycle often fueled by my impatience and desire to get things done.

Tasks to be completed:

The kumara slips are currently on the bench waiting to go in tomorrow. 

The stakes are out as a reminder to stake the rose that is all over the show due to the weather.

The tomatoes actually need tying to the stakes. I am celebrating the fact that they are big enough to warrant this as opposed to seeing it as a task.

I have located my gifted bean seeds. I think Connor could possibly sow some of these in his large garden. I feel grateful to receive these as I believe these have been usually been just passed around within a family. 

I would also like to get in a row of radishes, and possibly directly sow a few beetroot (as they poke through, I usually split off and plant the extras elsewhere).

And I have now acquired a Hoya Carnosa at work today that I need to find a pot for, and a spot inside (somehow we seem to be having unplanned seedling swaps going on). 

None of these tasks are particularly big or onerous. In fact, most can be tackled before work tomorrow and Wednesday, leaving the afternoons free.


Our carrots have finally come up. After no success with the seed tape (first time for a failure with that), we resowed normal seeds a week ago. All this rain in the last week possibly helped too.

And our little Indigo Fireball Tomato seedling, which we have been tending to with care, is actually starting to take off. Once we start getting some laterals, we will pop them in some water. I have a friend who is waiting in the wings for one as well, after she failed to get her seeds going too. I am crossing my fingers that it is the right seed.

My so-called dead passionfruit is also about to start climbing the trellis. I should actually put some snail bait around it now before I tempt fate. 

And, today hubby was at home, and I came home to dismantled BMX structures. All the wood was originally bought for the garden, but with the boys outgrowing them, we decided to repurpose it. My edging for the berries, and Carol's Butterfly Garden is nearly there.

Keeping things on Track