Kids Gardening!


Date:09 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

I release that there are not many her have little kids, but this is a great idea for the smaller kids to get into both gardening and vegetables. 

Lunch box peppers are small sweet peppers that from about now will start hitting the clearance bins. Most will be either in flower or have fruit. They will also most likely be water stressed. So they will be cheap, and a $10 13l pot with a tray is perfect for them.

Peppers are great at recovering water stress, just pull the unripe fruit off, leave the flowers. Plant in the pot with fairly good soil or potting mix and water well with a little seaweed fertilzer. The hardest part will be. If there are a choice of red, orange or yellow.

The peppers are small and sweet. Can be eaten green or ripe and even a snack right off the plant. The ripe ones are a lot sweeter so for kids I recommend waiting for then to colour up.

These peppers are also very nice filled with cheese and wrapped in bacon done on the BBQ. 

 Kids Gardening!