Kitchen Duties.


Date:18 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

As Christmas fast approaches, the arrival of all the family draws near. So today was food prep day. Cottage pie, fish pie and lasagne all in the freezer for easy meal prep. Just add a freshly picked salad.

The Cabbage did not make, as it got prepped for a coleslaw for lunch yesterday. We had some friends over for  lunch time BBQ in celebration of Kerry's Birthday.

We also ate our the first of our home grown Jalapeño poppers, no photo as they were eaten too quickly 😂. I have started a slice Jalapeño ferment, they wil be ready for Christmas Dinner.

Not much to report from the garden though, except that I picked my first tomato of the season. Gardeners delight was the first this year. It is on the window sill finishing off the ripeness, but had to pick it has the black starling was hovering around behind me looking for worms. He loves the ripe spots and normally get the first tomato before me!


 Kitchen Duties.