Last of the Vegetable Growing Spaces


Date:08 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

I was disheartened to see just as many aphids this morning as there was yesterday on my capsicums and chillis, I gave them one last blast with water today, tomorrow I will spray them.

I am away from my garden for four nights in just under a week as it's my sister's wedding and I'm going up ealier to help her with last minute preparations, so I need to get on top of the aphidns now.

These are the last two of my vegetable growing spaces. The tunnel house on the left is 6m long and at a guesstimate we've had it for 4 seasons. We purchased the other tunnelhouse and built it last year, and we went a size bigger (which is never enough), and it's 9m long. 

Living down South having these beauties really helps with growing vegetables, especially because my gardens don't have a lot of shelter from the elements. They extend the season either side a little with providing warmth and shelter, but they are not frost proof as I found out this season when I lost most of my courgette seedlings!

They do have some downfalls, they get super hot in summer even when it doesn't seem that warm outside, and because of the humidity you do have to watch for things like powdery mildew and they are a magnet for pests like aphids. We opted to have two doors and a rood vent in both so I can get as much airflow as possible circulating. 

It has been a funny old season, even though we've had some sunny days, we've also had bitter cold ones too. I'm finding everything besides the cucumbers very slow. But, the tomatoes in these are doing a heck of a lot better than the ones I have outside and I do know that everything will eventually fruit and provide us with amples of produce! 

 Last of the Vegetable Growing Spaces