Let the fun go on!


Date:09 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Good luck everybody! The time has come for the judges to have a chat, we have done all we can. Thanks for all the tips and secrets. I have learnt a lot from the posts, and maybe a little from Sarah too(or a lot😂) I hope that maybe I have also past on a helpful note or 2.

As there is so much still to happen in all the gardens, I sill stick around and see what's going well and what we can learn from things that have not.

To update, I have a few Jalapeños fermenting. I have done a little fermenting before, but the first time for chillies.

The rains are doing the garden good, the winds not so much. No damage yet😊.

I have planted mini red and green acre cabbage, and cauli to replace the ones almost ready. I am doing a little experiment and planting short day onions to see how the handle a summer, so will update the progress on those. I also plan to update the tomatoes with pictures of the fruit and final plants for the peppers and tomatos.

If you are not sticking around, then I hope to see you all here next challange, and hope you have a wonderful harvest, safe holidays, a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! 

Let the fun go on!