Let's Paint the Fence...

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:16 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Yes, what a great idea... let's paint our fence! Hmmm... easier said than done. For a relatively small section we have quite a lot of fence.

It has never been painted but I loved the idea of a smart black/grey fence to highlight the green of SH's beautiful lawn and our espaliered fruit trees.

Oh dear... already established espaliered fruit trees are not the ideal thing to paint around on a fence.

We made a start this weekend when we finally got some dry weather and it went really well until we got to the espaliered apples on the driveway. Talk about fiddly! We painted up to and around them as much as we could and then SH released each branch so that we could ease them gently away from the fence and paint in behind them. It was painstaking work but with very few leaves on the apples that made it easier. 

Unfortunately around the corner are the pears which are in full blossom and already have lots of leaves - this could be interesting.

Let's Paint the Fence...