Lettuce See How Much We Save

Gardener:Old Mangakino Orchard (McCallum's Garden)

Date:23 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

If you are like me, you probably love growing your own food but often wonder if it really does save you money. I think sometimes I spend a lot on new seeds, garden mix etc without keeping track of it.

So this year, I'm trying to keep a tally of what we harvest from the garden and will keep track of what we spend too. I'm not counting the cost of setting up the initial beds as that was a one off expense. 

So far we are on our second bag of lettuce which is about $8 so the seeds have been covered. 

In the past I have been terrible at successive planting mostly because I'm not a huge planner. So my tip is to plant new seeds when I plant out the seedlings. We are harvesting our first lot and the second lot just went in. New seeds will be planted tonight. By the time we start harvesting the second lot, the new lot should be ready for planting. Seems to be working. 

Oh and I totally recommend the systema stay fresh containers. Our carrots etc used to go limp even in the vege compartment of the fridge. These containers keep stuff fresh for weeks. We now store all our fresh stuff in these in the fridge (no I don't work for systema so this is a completely no bias review!)

Hope everyone is well. I've been absent for a few days attending a tangi down in Whanganui.  The weather sure has been rough. Looking forward to catching up on everyone's blogs when I get the time.

Lettuce See How Much We Save