Little and often

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:01 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

As the evenings have been fairly busy again, I have taken to squeezing in a few minor tasks in before work. By finding those few minutes each day, it means that I don't have that backlog of jobs in the weekend, avoiding that feeling of being overwhelmed that can sometimes plague us. Little and often. And if it doesn't happen everyday, really, it is no biggie. 

This morning, it was a simple task of planting up the next lot of tomatoes that were ready, along with a few pumpkins. It only took about 15 minutes. I then got to have a quick wander around the garden before starting the normal morning routine. Perhaps the most pleasant suprise was the cucumbers that have started to climb, and have now got flowers on them. We also have what I suspect is a number of sunflowers popping up in Connor's gardens. Since he has lost a couple of his to snail attacks, this is a welcome addition. We will have to have a wee shuffle around though to get the heights right. We also have what I think is some form of brassica appearing on mass. I will admit that I let the sprouting broccoli go to seed in that garden to give the bees something to feast on earlier in spring, so I suspecting it may be that. It is not something we tend to grow up here in summer due to the heat unfortunately. 

Adding to our freebie volunteer plants that are kindly gracing us this week, is a pumpkin that has popped up in the chicken coop. We always manage to have one or two come up. With any luck, I will be able to dig it out and replant in a much more suitable place. Likewise with the raspberry (this will be a runner from the nearby vine.

It always amuses me how I can stress over certain seedlings taking their time to come up, and some resowing happening. And then without fail, Nature steps in, and low and behold, they pop up on their own. Reflecting on this, it sometimes makes me wonder if now is the time that they are coming up on their own, then perhaps I should follow nature's lead.

Little and often