Little Lambs

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:08 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

Unfortunately these are not the cute little woolly type, but fortunately they have been a joy to me over the past few months. Yates Lambs lettuce has been one of my finds this year.

Right in the middle of winter I sowed a few little seeds of these in some pots which I kept just outside in our covered deck area off the kitchen/dining room. They have been amazing. The little leaves are delicious in salads, stirfries and stirred through hot and cold pasta dishes. I have just snipped a bowl full each time I wanted a dash of green in anything I have been cooking. 

I love that they grow in the coldest temperatures and from my G research I understand they are bursting with vitamins and goodness. These 3 pots are the third lot I have planted this season and they are still producing tasty little leaves right outside our ranch slider. 

If you haven't tried lambs lettuce aka Corn Salad or the glorious french word Mache - it is SO worth it. 

Little Lambs