Making a Dent in the Compost Pile


Date:04 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

This afternoon, while the sun was out, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to start making a dent in the compost pile. The compost has been sitting there for a couple of weekends now and I've got roughly two square metres to shift onto the gardens. 

The first job was to start topping up the raised vegetable gardens. Normally I've completely emptied my garden beds by now so it's only a matter of tipping the wheelbarrow directly into the garden. As I've still got the last of my winter crops in, it was a bit more time consuming as I had to shovel it in around the existing plants. 

I've finished two of the raised vegetable gardens. Tomorrow I'll do the other two and then hopefully work on the large dahlia bed in the front yard. Sometimes I need to remind myself is that small progress is still progress. I know I've got time as we usually plant out closer to Labour Weekend. It looks like our overnight temperatures in Northland are due to drop down to around 5C and 6C this Thursday and Friday. I can only imagine what temperatures those of you further down the line have coming your way. 

As we've said before, Spring is unpredictable at the best of times. For now, I'll continue to work on prepping the soil and incorporating what's left in the garden into our family meals. 

Making a Dent in the Compost Pile