Making Space

Gardener:Old Mangakino Orchard (McCallum's Garden)

Date:11 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

I feel like we should be getting ready to plant but we are still sorting out our gardening area.

We have some prime space by the fence but it was planted with well established flax. So out with the loppers and the pick axe and now the space is clear. We have had to remove so many trees for our house build and I don't like removing established plants so I wanted to save the flax. I've found if you cut them right back and then dig them out, they do well when replanted. We have divided them and replanted as a boarder at the top of the bank. 

This will eventually be our watermelon and pumpkin plot. Thanks Sarah and Yates for the watermelon seeds. We have two varieties growing already and now a 3rd. Luckily we have space for them now!


Making Space