Making way for other things

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:15 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

I should be prepping for market but I just don't have enough energy so instead I'm doing a couple of little jobs . 

It may seem a bit mean to rip out the broad beans before they are done but I'm hoping this area will be enjoyable to sit and sip over the holidays , but a nice wee harvest some will go in the fridge and the rest I will blanch and freeze . 

I have the sprinkler on before I trench in some food scraps and top up with vege mixes . 

I have some Tomatoes to go in that are struggling in there pots , basil as a fantastic companion plant . A few sunflowers that have popped up in a bucket of spent soil . 
Plus a couple of courgettes . 
Plus some peas on the other side because I think I have finally got this consession planting stuff Sussed . 

And the carrots are coming on well . 

Not so great was the huge hare I saw hopping on the lawn outside my lounge window , just a guess but I think that may have been what was nibbling the broad beans . 

Making way for other things