Many hands make light work


Date:10 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

We had a glorious day here in Southland today and I've been itching to get into the garden! I've made the most of it being the weekend, with hubby home who can help with jobs I can't do myself (ie back a trailer). 

We, actually he mostly while I done the important job of directing because I've been unwell, along with our handy helper Miss almost 5, unloaded six scoops of compost and vegetable garden mix onto our two largest beds. I'm so happy to get that done!

I still have a lot of brassica growing in the tunnel houses, and two other beds that still need some compost added to later, which I've been saving our home made compost for. Unfortunely I won't have enough so will need another few scoops at least.

I also got my peas in that have been screaming to be planted, and I had a huge stack of pots that I've been putting off cleaning, so they are all scrubbed and drying ready to be put away.

Love days like this, when you get things ticked off, all while enjoying some much needed vitamin D 🌞 

I'll pop a photo of the finished result in the comments.

Many hands make light work