Market days

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:24 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

Every Tuesday , Thursday and Sunday are market days where I start by filling buckets of water that I put into crates to prevent spills cutting flowers and foliage from round the house before heading out to the flower field . 

It's not long now till I need to take my wee boxes trailer , 


The rest of the time is spent looking as our eyes are our best tools , looking out for bugs , deficiencies and new growth . 

next biggest part is watering a fair amount of hand watering and moving sprinklers . 

the flower field has over heads that nearly do the whole field on to different sections , I have to admit I find irrigation difficult to get my head around , it's such a fine line between getting to much pressure and blowing the line apart and not enough meaning things miss the water . Neither of which is ok. 

The pic is of todays offerings.

Market days