Missing my gardening friend


Date:15 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

We had an absolute stunner of a day here in Southland! Got lots of weeding and general tidying done in the garden beds today, as well as some much needed family time. Sometimes, it's very hard to find that medium.

Last Monday (while I was fairly sick, worst timing), we lost our family member Tiger cat. We were and still are, all devastated. He was such a cool cat, and had been with us a long time. He was so gentle with the kids, and I don't remember a time he even scratched one of them when he had had enough of being loved. And of course he was my number one gardening buddy, always keeping me company with a mix of getting in the way, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Today as a family we went out and chose a tree to plant for him. The kids chose this Magnolia tree, they did good, it's beautiful! I blogged not long ago about the Magnolia tree we got for our dog that passed away, so I am wondering if the kids now associate Magnolia trees with pet deaths?! So it will be very interesting to see when they are adults if they carry on this tradition when they lose their pets.

Gardening hasn't been the same this week without my buddy keeping me company, but I sure am thankful for the many, many years I got with him.

Missing my gardening friend