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Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:11 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

As expected, we were hit with another deluge last night. Although there was some anxiety, I did take some reassurance from the fact that the roof had no leaks; there were very few trees that could fall down; that the fence post had been repaired in BBQ area; and the porch no longer sounded like it was going to fly off. 

While the wind was whistling quite loudly at times, there was actually no damage to the house, section, or gardens this time. We may have had a lucky escape as it also eased off earlier than expected, and by this afternoon, we actually had blue sky. If it wasn't for the photos, and a couple of soft spots on the lawn, you would hardly know we had had that much rain. Other parts of Whangarei are still under water. Hubby's work was close to flooding again, and if it hadn't stopped an hour before high tide, they were in trouble. Unfortunately though, a thunderstorm warning has been issued for later tonight.

The weather is looking okay for this weekend, and after spring cleaning another bedroom first, and helping him to mount an art portfolio, I plan to get my crops in my two remaining beds, and the dahlia seedlings. As the tomato frame is already in place, I think I will put the wind break net around it to keep them a wee bit more protected. We have done this a number of times, and having the frames in place means it is a quick and easy job.

And as an added bonus, the drainlayer messaged first thing this morning to say that they should be there next week - hopefully before the next weather pattern arrives at the end of the week.

NB the first pic is about 5pm. The bottom one is 7 am this morning. The water down the side of the house was twice as deep as the picture earlier in the week, and it was up to my ankle by one strawberry planter.

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