My Favourite Corner... and Planting a Dream

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:09 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

I think I am calling the No-Face garden DONE. 

It had an overhaul this week, lost all the spring onions to black aphids, and the transplanted zucchini turned up its toes so that was removed ( the Yates Thai Basil is now in that spot.) Other failures in this spot were the beans that refused to grow then disappeared all together.

BUT I recon it looks so pretty now! 

I had a dream one night back in Septemberthat there was a border of dark blue lobelias in this garden. When i woke the next morning the dream was still clear in my mind so at 9.30 I popped down to buy some seedlings but the shop had none in that colour. So came home with a packet of dark blue lobelia SEEDS instead and sowed some straight away in a wee container. Took a couple of months before they were big enough to prick out BUT that's them there now in the No-face garden! Each wee scallop shell has a dark blue lobelia seedling clump planted beside it. Should look just like in my dream once they start to bulk out a bit!  

I've not grown lobelia from seed before. Took a bit of PATIENCE! But not difficult at all. Good.

Other things in this wee space now..

Mystery tomato ... was given to me

2 Shiney Fardenlosas haha just planted out last week

Strawberries , Thyme ( companion planting ... deepens flavour of strawberries and to interrupt the lifecycle of that new invasive armyworm species which has already appeared here just a few days ago), pink alyssym - companion plant ... encourages beneficial insects and predators, the blue and white lupin ... companion plant - nitrogen fixer and pollinator encourager, Borage - edible and beneficial herb and companion plant, oh and the only surviving cucumber was put in here today ( a random dog dug up all the others along with the sweetcorns and watermelons during those big storms we had). I think thats it!

Oh... the Thai Basil has been sown in here also... 

AND a wee worm compostery pot is tucked in behind the manuka branch to keep them happy 😁

I havnt been able to comment on other posts as do that from my laptop normally but the back came off and screen is hanging so a bit scared to use it atm. ( its a Dell and according to the shop they are prone to the backs popping off sigh) however your posts have been so great to look at and read ( can do that much on the phone just not comment or like comments people have made.) In case you were wondering about my lack in that regards. Many apologies xx


My Favourite Corner... and Planting a Dream