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Date:05 Dec 2022

Although this blog is a bit off task, I thought I'd share some (there are many more scattered around the place 🙈), of my indoor plant collection. (See comments for more photos).

I really only got into indoor plants a few years ago and the bug well and truly hit me, so much so, I had to put myself on a 'plant buying ban' for a while.

I used to be a serial indoor plant killer; couldn't even keep a peace lily alive. But over these past few years I have learnt when it comes to plants indoors, less water really is best! Which has been really hard to adjust to being a gardener, when you want outdoor plants well watered.

Getting into indoor plants, along with my garden, really helped me over the lock downs with my mental health - which I don't need to remind you all, as I'm sure everybody struggled at some point . And even now if I'm having an 'off day' I know a few hours gardening or attending to my indoor babies helps my mood immensely.

I also propagate and sell baby plants in my shed. It wasn't a road I had planned to take when opening up, but it's a nice add-on to have for people, as there is not a wide range of plants in shops, at a reasonable price.

As well as selling baby plants, I have a indoor plant swap going on from the shed, the idea is; people bring down a cutting and swap with one in the shed, it's a nice way of people sharing cuttings as well as getting new ones for free. 

I really would be lost without my garden and indoor plants 🪴🌱

My Other Loves