My PROJECT this week -overhauling the 'No Face' Garden!

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:31 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Have decided to make Tuesdays my Transplanting day - BUT I also need to overhaul the 'No Face' Garden by the studio and get along the side of the cottage ready for the Friday Flowers and tomatoes

AT the moment the No Face Garden just has some spring onions that are flowering, a baby strawberry plant and a couple of borage oh and beans that refuse to grow haha) . Time for a transformation.

About the NO FACE Garden... I thought I would try making a cloche early on in winter having wanted to weave somthing but not done so before - it kinda evolved into a No Face (A Studio Ghibli character from one of their anime) - so popped him in the wee bit of garden by the studio steps. He is a character that is so appropriate for a garden - an invisibal hungry ghost but when fed well he showers you with rewards  - very much like a garden  - but HE and that bit of garden both need a bit of an overhaul  - so THIS is my PROJECT for this week - starting with the edges  and working my way inwards from there. My NO FACE will have his 'mask' re inked as most disappeared over the winter  then popped back in the garden.

OH and NEWS - my first spare tomato seedlings were 'adopted' yesterday by a family out trick or treating, They were delighted when I gave them a wee tomato plant each to take home. I dislike Halloween but they spotted me as I was out photographing Ladybirds and came down the drive. Lovely family.  The girls had very pretty outfits on like princess ballerinas.

RIGHT - Off to do some potting on... lots to do ... sun is still shining so back outside to enjoy it 

My PROJECT this week -overhauling the 'No Face' Garden!