My spray free, organically grown 6.30am harvest!

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:17 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

This is the first time I have ever grown cabbages and found they have just grown themselves basically. I WISH I had done successive plantings now as they are so easy to grow! The only thing I provided was insect netting just over the top (doesn't touch the ground) AND fostered a paperwasp nest that is growing inside an old water container at the foot of the bed (so they are sorting out any caterpillars that may be there inadvertantly)

This one is destined to either become the bulking out ingredient in a stirfry OR dolmas (stuffed cabbage leaves) (YUM to both) or maybea mixed salad as was given a lettuce and a cucumber yesterday.

I cried after I had been to the supermarket this morning. WHY are things so expensive! I shall not be wasting one bit of this lovely beastie.

I have done a 'cut and come again' on this cabbage - cut it off at the base just above the soil and I should get some mini cabbages growing from the stalk soon. I do the same with leeks and am trialling it on the fennel also. They were only selling cabbages in quarters at the shop this morning- each quarter was just under $4. So even if I just get small cabbages doing this 'cut and come again' method it will be a good thing. ANd it is windy today so the wound where I cut it should dry out fast. Good.

My spray free, organically grown 6.30am harvest!