My Very First Spring Carrot!

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:21 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

This was literally the ONLY work I did in the garden today haha! 

SO THRILLED as I KNOW there is wireworm in various parts of the property (the landlord tells me he can't grow carrots due to the wireworm) so these had the companion planting treatment with garlic and onions on either side.

If you are reading this and have never grown carrots before ...

1. The SEED when you open the packet smells AMAZING! 

2. The carrots as they are growing when you get up close and personal to them in the soil and take a wee wiff SMELL AMAZING! (that was a surprise to me!)

3. And when you pull them out of the ground they SMELL AMAZING!


Oh also - something I learned from somewhere is to remove the tops right away for as soon as they are pulled the goodness gets sucked up into the tos and away from the roots - its a survival thing. Was great to be able to drop the tops into one of the wee pots I have set up for worm feeding stations around the garden as I walked back up to the cottage.

AND fill the hole that the carrot came out of back in with soil straightaway otherwise bugs and beasties will move in which is not ideal fro the carrots that are left.

I just needed the one today as I was making sauerkraut (another first) 

EDIT: I was tryng to find out which seed I had sowed and came across this one - would be a good variety for Northland Gardeners! (Not sure if this is what I had sown or not) YATES CARROT: "MAJESTIC RED"  Carrot (

My Very First Spring Carrot!