My Yates Girl Hut

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:06 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Just a couple of days ago when I was reading the information about the Yates Challenge it dawned on me that the Supporters Award named for Carol Jane Oates was because she had passed away. To be honest I was stunned. Carol Jane and I both blogged quite a few years ago and because I have been absent for a few years I hadn't realised she had gone. 

Carol Jane won at least one if not several challenges and it was so well deserved. She was a wonderful, enthusiastic and modest gardener and was so genuinely interested in every other participants garden. 

I was lucky enough to win a challenge one year and as well as a wonderful array of Yates products got $500.00. This is what I spent it on. I bought a shed. My very own shed to store all of my gardening treasures. My Super Husband built shelves to house my fertilisers and tools and then other shelves on the right to store our produce - potatoes, pumpkins, kumara etc. 

When we sold our home my one provisio was that my Yates shed came with us - and it has. It was quite a process moving it but so worth it. I LOVE this tiny space. It houses all of my garden "necessaries" and is the place of my garden dreams. Thank you Yates... and thank you Carol Jane xx 

My Yates Girl Hut