Mystery chilli - fruity but packs a punch!

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:12 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

finally here it is - just photographed this morning. Seeds were sold as 'blue bonnets' HOWEVER truely it is not at all like a blue bonnet - fruit are much smaller and berrylike (as you can see). I could be wrong.

Did the tongue test- has a surprising fruity flavour then packs a fair wallop!  Not for the faint hearted, Have not repeated the taste test since haha.

The red ones are fully mature - I did a taste test on one of the purples- 

Rest of info is next to the images


So now I have ghost peppers, cayenne, and perhaps a californian reaper but not fully sure, and will get one of these purple ones from the landlord.

Ghost peppers make a very effective slug and snail repellant brew so have just sown a good handful of those off of the fruit from the parent plant already. Hope they germinate!

THEY pack a punch also. OMG! Not just fiery - seems they kick in pain receptors also. There are stories of people dying after eating them online and hallucinating and seeing ghosts (hence the name). I have many of these from last seasons harvest strung up now on pink embroidery thread in my kitchen window - so pretty even when dried! 

Mystery chilli - fruity but packs a punch!