Nasturtians, Friend or weed!


Date:14 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Nasturtians, love them or hate them, and lots see it as an invasive weed. But for me they are an important part of my gardens defence.

The Praying Mantis love them, and by broccoli near them over winter we're the best, having almost no caterpillar damage. The further away the worse the damage. 

Bees love them, both honey and bumble. 

They grow all winter and make a good cover crop that covers the fence and it looks pretty. 

And the list can go on. 

The photo is a hybrid nasturian, self created by the bees, and every year we get different looking ones,. Years ago I planted pink, mixed red yellow orange and last year a smaller orangey red compact variety in the front of the beds for beter control, as we all know they can spread. Luckely they are easy to pull out, and as the seeds so easy there is always new surprises and definatley more plants. 


 Nasturtians, Friend or weed!