Not Quite Gardening

Gardener:Old Mangakino Orchard (McCallum's Garden)

Date:04 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

So today I had massive plans that I would spend the afternoon getting a million jobs done in the garden. I didn't have a chance yesterday and there was good weather up here today. 

I was spoilt with bacon and eggs for breakfast and a coffee. Can't start my day without a coffee. At church all the fathers and those who were father figures to others got a hotdog and gingerbeer so the day started off great.

The thing is that I when I do something I can get quite obsessive and when I set my mind on something I just have to get it done. This is often the case with my gardening journey. 

So the afternoon plan was to move some flax for more garden space, plant strawberries in the greenhouse, clear the bank and plant wild flowers and set up growing structures in our garden beds. I had filled the day with little time left for anything else because these things "need" to be done. In the end, all I got done was the strawberries and that is ok because I have realised the other jobs will still be there tomorrow and the garden will still grow. That and the greenhouse was really hot.


Because this afternoon was a glorious afternoon in Northland. 

Because moments with our children and loved ones are important and weeding is not so important. 

Because my daughter had a friend over and wanted to have fun.

But mostly because I am just a big kid...

I changed the plan and made a waterslide out of a sheet of PVC and went wild!

If you are like me and struggle with finding balance, remember to take some time out and do something that just is pure fun. No work. Just fun. It really does help to put things into perspective. 


Not Quite Gardening