One Tunnel House Full to the Brim


Date:14 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

The last of the brassicas in this tunnel house finished up last week, after digging in some compost, I've finished planting it out. I have tomatoes on the right hand side, and capsicums on the left.

If you remember my tiny tiny capsicums that were barely growing - they have sure taken off now and they are the plants bottom left, still smaller than the bought ones but they will soon catch up.

It always amazes me how big seedlings look in their pots until you plant them out! 

I usually put my corn in the tunnel house as I get a better crop than planting outside (as long as they are near a door and I shake them as walking past each time for pollination), but I have ran out of room. The spot I was going to put them outside, I don't think will get enough sun, so I decided to plonk them in with the pumpkins in the paddock. Will see how they go out there!


 One Tunnel House Full to the Brim