Onions and cabbage


Date:23 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

In all the years I have been a gardener I have never grown onions before. 
My reason for not growing them are they are so usually so cheap to buy and take up a lot of room and my garden wasn't big enough and we don't eat a lot of them.

But this year I decided to give them a go which is probably just as well as they say they might be expensive this year due to the weather. 

I grew them from seed and planted them out losing a few to the blackbirds before I got smart and netted them. 

They are growing well but I did forget how big the red cabbage would grow so the onions closest to the cabbage with less sun are quite a bit smaller than the onions in full sun.
I guess that's what happens when you jamb as many plants in as you possibly can. Hopefully the cabbage is ready soon and I can give the onions on that side more sun and enjoy some coleslaw.

Onions and cabbage